Top Luxury Tabanan Villas with Pool


Indonesia is the fourth most populated country on earth and consists of more than 17,000 islands with the magical island of Bali situated at its heart between Java and Lombok. It is flanked by the Bali Sea to the North and Indian Ocean to the South and with a population of around 4 million people is the only Hindu society in Southeast Asia. Often described as The Land of the Gods, Bali has many attractions for the millions of visitors to its shores and is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia.



Villa 368 Villa 368 Villa 368

Tabanan 368

10 Bedrooms, 10 Bathrooms, Sleeps 20

USD $11000++ - USD $11000++ Nightly

Tabanan Bali

Ten bedrooms, all with uninterrupted views of the island’s southwest coast, enjoy an elevated position: two master bedrooms and adjoining suites on the upper level, six bedrooms on the ground level.

Villa 3625 Villa 3625 Villa 3625

Tabanan 3625

9 Bedrooms, 9 Bathrooms, Sleeps 18

USD $830++ - USD $2270++ Nightly

Tabanan Bali

A peaceful sanctuary set blissfully away from the cacophony of crowds, Villa 3625 is a balm for the tired soul.

Villa 3770 Villa 3770 Villa 3770

Tabanan 3770

6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, Sleeps 12

USD $5800++ - USD $6000++ Nightly

Tabanan Bali

A haven of privacy, this masterfully designed 6 bedrooms villa opens up to unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean, making for the ultimate Bali residence.

Villa 3772 Villa 3772 Villa 3772

Tabanan 3772

2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 4

USD $1800++ - USD $1850++ Nightly

Tabanan Bali

Situated right on the beach, this Villa 3772 is retreats beyond compare, with a private pool overlooking the ocean.