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Choose from outstanding clifftop settings overlooking the awesome surf breaks of Uluwatu to the pavilion-style luxury of Seminyak Villas that take elegance to new levels. Bali is the place to be if you’re looking for a luxurious holiday in your own private villa. Grab friends, family or lovers and indulge your senses when you stay in style on your next Balinese holiday. Beachfront Canggu digs for beach lazing or Nusa Dua for nightlife and cocktails, the choice is yours when you contact Villa Getaways and book your trip to paradise.


Indonesia is the fourth most populated country on earth and consists of more than 17,000 islands with the magical island of Bali situated at its heart between Java and Lombok. It is flanked by the Bali Sea to the North and Indian Ocean to the South and with a population of around 4 million people is the only Hindu society in Southeast Asia. Often described as The Land of the Gods, Bali has many attractions for the millions of visitors to its shores and is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia.



Villa 3318 Villa 3318 Villa 3318

Uluwatu 3318

2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 4

USD $2750++ - USD $2750++ Nightly

Uluwatu Bali

Two-bedroom villa featuring a large living room with the latest technology entertainment system, an elegant dining room, a plunge pool in natural stone, a bale, and a deck

Villa 3322 Villa 3322 Villa 3322

Uluwatu 3322

6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, Sleeps 12

USD $2995 - USD $2995 Nightly

Uluwatu Bali

The spacious Villa 3322 on the southern tip of Bali provides a spectacular view of the ocean.

Villa 3323 Villa 3323 Villa 3323

Tanah Lot 3323

5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, Sleeps 10

USD $480++ - USD $850++ Nightly

Tanah Lot Bali

One of the two Nyanyi Riverside Villas sitting alongside a jungle-fringed river near the spectacular sea temple of Tanah Lot, the five-bedroom, five-star villa offers a peaceful, back-to-nature retrea

Villa 3325 Villa 3325 Villa 3325

Seminyak 3325

10 Bedrooms, 10 Bathrooms, Sleeps 20

USD $1675++ - USD $2900++ Nightly

Seminyak Bali

The stunning six plus four bedroom retreat is a rare fusion of striking architecture, spacious entertainment spaces and lavish outdoor living. The villas feature two gorgeous swimming pools, generous

Villa 3329 Villa 3329 Villa 3329

Seminyak 3329

2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 4

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Seminyak Bali

Villa 3329 is a managed compound of three self-contained private villas where each unit is individually gated and set within a tropical garden complete with its own pool.

Villa 3330 Villa 3330 Villa 3330

Candidasa 3330

4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Sleeps 8

USD $690++ - USD $1080++ Nightly

Candidasa Bali

Welcome to Villa 3330, a stunning new Luxury Beach House located right on the water in the Candidasa area of Bali's picturesque and unspoiled East coast. This exclusive four-bedroom villa is far remov

Villa 3332 Villa 3332 Villa 3332

Seminyak 3332

3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Sleeps 6

USD $450++ - USD $600++ Nightly

Seminyak Bali

From outside, Villa 3332 gives little or no clue about a tropical paradise that lies inside.

Villa 3334 Villa 3334 Villa 3334

Seminyak 3334

5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Sleeps 10

USD $950 - USD $1300 Nightly

Seminyak Bali

Bali Villa 3334 is located in a very quiet area of the vibrant and attractive Seminyak.

Villa 3336 Villa 3336 Villa 3336

Tabanan 3336

4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Sleeps 8

USD $890++ - USD $1100++ Nightly

Tabanan Bali

The four-bedroom Villa 3336 is single storey and comprised of two buildings to maximise the eye-boggling views.

Villa 3339 Villa 3339 Villa 3339

Seminyak 3339

4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Sleeps 8

USD $360++ - USD $635++ Nightly

Seminyak Bali

The sleek and sophisticated Villa 3339 at the villa compound maintains a quiet serenity while being conveniently located between Sunset Road and Jalan Seminyak and merely a few minutes drive from the

Villa 3340 Villa 3340 Villa 3340

Jimbaran 3340

3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Sleeps 6

USD $400 - USD $550 Nightly

Jimbaran Bali

This 500 m2 luxury modern villa features L shaped white stone and wood building nicely decorated with some Balinese touches, and contemporary furniture. Villa 3340 is especially designed to organize p

Villa 3341 Villa 3341 Villa 3341

Seminyak 3341

5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, Sleeps 10

USD $795++ - USD $1195++ Nightly

Seminyak Bali

Villa 3341 is an elegantly styled large five bedroom villa located in the absolute heart of Seminyak.

Villa 3343 Villa 3343 Villa 3343

Uluwatu 3343

5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, Sleeps 10

USD $700 - USD $700 Nightly

Uluwatu Bali

This elegant 1400 M2 villa overlooks the stunning views of the Indian Ocean and the surrounding lush valleys

Villa 3346 Villa 3346 Villa 3346

Batubelig 3346

3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 6

USD $400 - USD $400 Nightly

Batubelig Bali

Villa 3346 designed as a Bali retreat to escape the pressures of a busy corporate lifestyle.

Villa 3351 Villa 3351 Villa 3351

Seminyak 3351

2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 4

USD $165++ - USD $295++ Nightly

Seminyak Bali

The 2-story getaway that is Villa 3351 represents the epitome of comfort within a lavish setting. Designed in contemporary architecture with a tropical twist, Villa 3351 is located down a quiet lane


Similar to having your own private home in the middle of paradise, your Bali holiday villa will give you the seclusion you need to completely relax and enjoy your vacation in one of our exclusive rentals. Our Bali villa rentals are located all over the island so you can choose whether you wish to be close to shopping, nightlife, or right on the beach. Popular villa rentals in Bali are our Canggu villas, Nusa Dua villas, Seminyak villas and Ubud villas. Questions about booking one of our exclusive Bali Villa or rentals? Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.